It’s An Art To Live With Pain

The title of this post is a lyric by Pearl Jam. The song is “Love Boat Captain,” and it’s off of one of my favorite albums of theirs.

But, isn’t it so true?

That it’s an art to live with pain?

I know I have been dealing with chronic mental illness for a number of years, and it just gets old. But, you also get used to parts of it too.

What I see that happens along the way is, time slowly makes things more manageable/better. Not necessarily easier, but the hope is you do improve some.

You’re not healed and you’re not recovered, which to me, “recovery” doesn’t even exist. My opinion.

I just don’t like the standard definitions of recovery that are out there.

So, it IS an art to live with pain.

Preaching to the choir…

Have a good one.

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