Managing The Depression Puzzle By Ashley L. Peterson (A Mini-Review)

Here is a mini-review of Chapter One of “Managing The Depression Puzzle” by Ashley L. Peterson.

This is Ashley’s third book on mental illness (with this book focusing on various types of depression, and the ways in which we treat the condition).

Her writing style is conducive with someone who understands the subject matter, based on her choice of professions, as well as someone who deals with clinical depression herself.

I like Ashley’s approach so far. There is something for everyone, in the sense that I can read about differing types of depression: bipolar, unipolar (and schizoaffective). But also, gain a better understanding of some of the science behind what she says.

All in all, I find the first chapter worthy of reading the second and third and so on. Everything so far is quite informative!

I feel that “Managing The Depression Puzzle” is definitely worth your time and attention. Especially if you want to know more about depression, to include many things, such as the history of it, medications, therapy, self-care, and living with the illness.

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