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I Think I Need To Give Up Politics

I need to quit getting involved in political discussions. On Facebook… Twitter… Everywhere! Democrat vs. Republican. Whatever, wherever. Done!

Although I am getting better at arguing my point, I feel worthless and empty right afterwords.

This is to include the politics of mental health. And, of course, the concept of recovery.

I dislike the notion of recovery. It lasts for as long as you’re well, and doesn’t really properly account for the times when you are acutely ill.

I know, and if anyone else has any understanding on the subject, what I go through every day.

As someone with chronic schizoaffective disorder, I am ill. I am not well. I strive to be well, but I am not that.

I am also not able to withstand a lot of stress. Do a lot of things around the house. Nor can I engage in good self-care practices.

Resistance is futile. In terms of my passion for politics. All politics.

I just need to not care like I do.

Yes, I want Bernie in, to help us be the final major country to get universal health care. But, I am not going to be the one to head up that fight.

Again, I am going to try to be done.

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  1. I have no interest in getting involved in politics. I get amused by satire, I vote, and that’s the end of that.

    I think for quite a few people with mental illness recovery in the sense of getting well and illness-free is just not realistic. My own personal definition of recovery is a direction rather than an endpoint, and it involves having a sense of meaning and purpose rather than being “well” and free from illness.


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