In A Jail, In An Institution Or On The Streets

That’s the way my life seemed like it was going after I originally was diagnosed with Psychosis NOS.

There had been a time lapse between that first diagnosis and my finishing up school for my Bachelor’s Degree.

During the time I was in school, I was drinking a lot (self-medicating) and that was not at all helpful to my situation.

And, I had tried getting back on meds a few times (after having quit them post-hospitalization), but between my ego at the time and my unwillingness to stick with them due to the side effects, I just couldn’t be helped.

That was then, this is now.

Medication, for me, is a godsend, though it’s not without its problems.

I strongly feel that I’d be in jail, in an institution, or on the streets, had I not had a series of breaks that put me in the hospital between semesters, while I was attending school.

It was during those times in the hospital that they were finally able to pin down a proper diagnosis, and today, I have the schizoaffective disorder (depressive type) header under my name.

But, only for Psychiatry. 🙂


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