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I Hate It When This Happens

I go to get something for my wife in the house, and out of nowhere, I get the thought that my wife is working for the government.

Now, she is not working for the government.

But, that thought stays with me for a little while in the evening.

I will bring it up to her, with the notion that it is simply my illness that make me think this.

The funny thing about those types of thoughts though, is that they tend to linger a bit.

Like, I’ll spend much of today ruminating on the thought, questioning ever so slightly, the possibility of this thought being true.

Again, I know she doesn’t work for the government. She works in the medical field.

Now, her dad… that may be another story.

Haha. Just a little laugh.

He is not a government spy!

At least I don’t think he is. 🙂

And, by the way. I know this feeling will pass. Because I will talk it out, and that seems to be a lot of how I’ve done so well with fighting my illness.

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