Striving For That Next-Level Of Functioning

Improved functioning does not occur as easy and as often, as my ambitions of it doing so, are.

In fact, if improved functioning in general were consistent, then that’d be quite the game changer.

As it stands, I struggle to do even the smallest amount of chores every day. Primarily, washing the dishes.

Since I’ve been married, my wife and I have worked out that the one thing I could strive to accomplish every day, would be to do the dishes (this is independent of self-care, which I’ll get into in a bit).

Unfortunately, I don’t get to the dishes every day. I do get to them 3-5 times a week though, and that seems to be satisfactory.

Self-care is a problem too, and I know I’ve got to try there as well.

I aim for showering every three days, brushing my teeth gets done once a day, most days. And, all of this is an improvement over what I did before I was married.

When I look back over the past 20 years, getting both chores and self-care done, has been a big struggle for me.

I wish I could tell you it were easier, but it’s simply not.

Unfortunately, functioning as I do is not understandable by most people in society. That will change. In time. I hope.

Enter the whole reason behind this blog. To shed light on what many sufferers of mental illness, including schizophrenia and related disorders, go through.


      1. Yeah, I understand that. It’s definitely the same for me too. I just think there’s trouble with the meds on some level too, but I don’t have your education or experience with medication, so I really shouldn’t comment much on the meds (leaving that up to people like you).

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      2. Meds can certainly cause apathy and have an impact that way. I just know that for me it’s illness rather than meds because I’ve had periods of time on the same meds when I was fully well.


      3. Admittedly, I have had delusions about the meds, so I hold what you say in higher regard. The side effects are what cause this apathy, which I have 90% or more of the time. It’s good to get some perspective on this issue. Thank you.

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