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How Long Did It Take To Gain A Degree Of Stability And Functioning? (Week One)

It depends on who you ask. I never quite felt stable in the early years of treatment, but I was assured that I was.

I think mental health professionals have different criteria for stability and functioning than us patients do.

To answer the question a little differently, it took about three years before I got the right diagnosis, and was taking decent meds.

And, I was not able to fight for myself in those days. Not at all.

I relied on help from my parents to navigate the system.

I’m just lucky I had someone to go to bat for me. A lot of us don’t have that.

How long did it take you to notice a degree of stability, regardless of what the doctor was saying? And, was there a difference in what they were saying vs. what you were feeling?

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  1. For me there’s a couple of different issues that come into play here. One is lack of insight as a symptom of illness, and the other is how in tune the treatment provider is with the patient. If there are differences, the treatment provider should be able to articulate a clear rationale for that.

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  2. I think ‘stable’ will mean something different for everyone. In my experience (still ongoing!) it is to get to know your symptoms and to integrate them into your ‘normal’ life. My goal is to learn to live with my mental challenges but still protect myself enough not to drown in them. That would be my ‘stable’.

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