Pathology, Depth, And The Gods (A Poem)

In the past, there was a great appeal for help!
This appeal lasted for awhile for many people.
But, things began to change as awareness grew.
Humanity no longer was as dependent on the gods.

Since that time, there has been a struggle to maintain the “status quo.”
I could care less about conformity in that sense.
I want the truth!
Unfortunately, I can feel like the truth is that we are alone, except for each other.
We do have each other!

My reliance on faith borders on “superficial” and “flighty.”
It is comforting to the point that I am enveloped in “love” when I need it.
But, there are other things that comfort me too!
I still need my faith though, for those times when life demands more of me than I can give!

Sure, I have other outlets, but having this illness, has made understanding “sanity” difficult.
On what level, is what I experience no different than what the so-called “sane” go through?
I do know the answer!
The crux of my experience is pathological.
I’m sorry to say.

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