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Perusing A Scrapbook Of My Childhood And Teenage Memories

I recently went through a scrapbook with both my mother and my wife. It had a little bit of everything in it. It was something my grandmother had made for me, and I got it after she had passed away.

We saw how talented I was as someone who liked to draw. So much so, that I could have been an illustrator!

Not to mention how creative I was with writing. I had attended two writer’s conferences in Elementary School, and was involved in Journalism in High School!

And, with many of the drawings, stories, etc. that we came across, you could see my personality and character coming through! All pre-illness.

In reading some letters I had written to my grandparents, it was surreal to see my social skills in action as a an awkward teenager (and how I was finding my place in the world).

All in all, revisiting these memories was a great time had by all!

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