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2.5% Of My Body Weight Is Now Gone

Disclaimer: This Site is intended to provide general knowledge, and is not intended to serve as medical advice of any sort.

It’s not much, but my weight is down 2.5%.

They say that once you’ve lost 5% of your body weight, you can really begin to feel the difference!

Well, at 2.5% body weight gone, I can already breathe a bit easier.

As with everything, one day at a time is my motto!

The gist of my dietary program (it’s a guide — not a life sentence):

7 am / 1pm – 500 calories:
2 eggs and turkey bacon / Sandwich / Leftovers

10 am / 4 pm – 150 calories:
2 granola bars / 2 hard boiled eggs / Chocolate pudding / Baked Lays / Chicken noodle soup

7 pm – 500 calories:
Dinner with my wife

I eat +/- 30 minutes from the above times.

When I’m hungry at other times, I will eat some lean protein (if it’s available). Something that is 150 calories or less.

If my hunger persists, I repeat eating something 150 calories or less (being mindful of my total caloric intake for the day).

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