Addressing This Subject Matter One More Time

This post is not directed at anyone in particular. It’s just how I am feeling about what I have been trying to convey, over the past 101 posts on this blog.

I did not come here to play favorites with the severity of mental health diagnoses. If you check, I actually spent a lot of time early on discussing chronic mental illness. This approach may or may not change.

And, I want to say that you don’t have to like me or agree with my experiences, but if you’re inclined to… please don’t push any “recovery” views on me.

In my blog, I share my experiences with “recovery,” and how, because of my symptoms, there is very limited hope for me… a person with chronic schizoaffective disorder.

I’ve been living with this disease for 20 years, and there is no “recovery” for people with my illness. Our most invasive symptoms just do not disappear. My most invasive symptoms just have not disappeared!

Again, my symptoms have not gone away. At all.

I am sorry if that threatens you and your place on this planet. To be frank.

But, I speak the truth… about the schizophrenia type disorders only.

As someone experiencing one especially.

I am also sorry if you think my attitude sucks, that I’m misinformed, or that I’m full of shit.

There is no “recovery” for schizophrenia for me, and the other 90% of people who have this disease!

It’s a farce to think that it will all be better some day. Because there is evidence to suggest otherwise.

Acceptance is knowing your situation, and knowing that it does get better, but that being symptom free is a stretch.


    1. I know you’ve mentioned there “not being an end goal,” but yeah, I’m struggling to deal every day with this illness. And, I know many people are struggling with serious mental illness. Some of us may get to a better place, but for the worst of us, that place is marred with inconsistency.

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  1. Forcing views on somebody will never work though people are not very well informed on all matters and they say whatever they want to say.
    I’m sorry you had a shitty experience.



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