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How Long Did It Take To Date With Chronic Mental Illness? (Week Two)

It took me all of about 20 years to get it right. I’ll start off by saying that.

I had a good life single, but it was awfully lonely, and I was often stuck battling my symptoms alone.

Before the 20-year mark, I had dated some online.

I’d go in spurts and would have a few first and second dates, learning how to better present myself, and various other “techniques” to making a good impression.

All in all, I did OK, but things just didn’t feel right. And, part of the problem with that was, I didn’t know what “right” was supposed to feel like.

So, in time, I was listening to personal development CD’s by Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn, and I began to figure “me” out.

And, that’s when it all slowly came together.

Today, I am happily married. Neither one of us have children, and life is pretty good, all things considered.

Have you had an interest in romantic relationships? Were you able to find a partner?

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  1. I’ve only had one significant other since depression first hit. We met during my first hospitalization – he was in for schiozphrenia. Unfortunately, his addiction ended our relationship and, eventually, his life.

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