Trying Not To Be Mad At The Rest Of The World Right Now

There is a feeling that I am experiencing, and I must admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve felt it.

It is my being extremely upset at the world at large, the people (if you will) that are not depressed, not psychotic, not mentally ill…

It’s the type of feeling that separates me from the masses, a position that I am used to anyhow, but now I am feeling it a little differently (and pretty hardcore).

I suppose it has something to do with COVID-19, but not everything.

I suppose if people did what is expected of them, and practiced social isolation, I might not be feeling like humanity just all out sucks. And, badly!

Hell, just watch “Tiger King” on repeat. But, please do what’s right!

Yes, I cannot be too sure that it is COVID-19 that is the full culprit, because I am also upset at other facets of humanity.

It has to get easier, because I cannot handle feeling like shit for all of next week.

What’s got your goat? Is COVID-19 stirring feelings inside of you that may (or may not) be socially acceptable to talk about?


  1. I read a post about how we folks who have experienced early life adversity are now seeing a lot of “visitors” – regular folks who haven’t been mentally unwell, who didn’t grow up with trauma. It caused some reflection. In a mean? way, a part of me wants to tell them “well this is what living with mental illness feels like”, and a part of me also wants to focus on being kind and noticing the kindness in the world.

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    1. Thank you for commenting, and I agree on the kindness aspect of your response… 100%! And, I am rarely unkind to others in-person. However, I feel as though this is a “space” to tell it like it is, which I hope/feel that you can appreciate. 🙂

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  2. What COVID-19 highlights for me is the fact that common sense doesn’t seem to exist any more. The world has always been pretty screwed up, but it just seems to get worse by the day now. Never a big fan of humanity as a group, I tend to take people on a case-by-case basis. Being ‘mad’ tends to be a sign that you’re responding like a real human being to a very messed up world. Thank you for your posts.

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