Feeling Well And/Or Being On The “Recovery” Path

Please tell me the difference between feeling well and being on the “recovery” path.

Because I don’t know. Because I am not well. Therefore, I do not understand “recovery!”

I am ambitious. Always have been, which comes out in my writing. And (hopefully), always will be!

There were times, though, when I could barely get to an appointment. I could not think straight. And, I was too symptomatic to properly function!

Now, thinking is still an issue… obviously. And, it has been for 20+ years.

So, there are very few things in life that I know 100% for sure. And, this goes for recovery.

Your mileage may absolutely vary. But, I know from what I’m experiencing every day, that it’s different.

The depression appears to be being managed, but the schizophrenia is not.

What types of actions, would you say, place you on the “recovery” path?

2 thoughts on “Feeling Well And/Or Being On The “Recovery” Path

  1. The “recovery model” recognizes that people with chronic mental illness can still build meaningful lives for themselves even if they have ongoing symptoms. Recovery in this sense refers more to meaning and purpose rather than remission. It’s not necessarily going to resonate with everyone, but then few things do.


    1. I’m okay with that, and feel like I am building meaning with this blog. I have many posts in que, and some of my views have changed slightly, but the crux of my messages still apply. As always, I appreciate your perspective! I learn a great deal from your feedback. Thank you for participating!

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