People Don’t Understand Schizophrenia And Probably Never Will

I can discuss my symptoms until I am blue in the face. And, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind talking about them. It’s what I want to do!

The challenge comes though, when people walk away without a greater understanding of what people like me are battling.

I feel, in instances like these, that I have failed.

Not to worry. It is very uncommon to properly educate someone on chronic mental illness.

They just don’t get it.

I think we tend to gravitate towards things we understand, and for many, chronic mental illness is not it.

What are your thoughts? Who exactly do you think understands these illnesses?

4 thoughts on “People Don’t Understand Schizophrenia And Probably Never Will

  1. As long as the right people get it or the ones we need to ‘get’ it.
    It is/will be a long road to defeat stigma but something about that journey is so right that compels us to do it anyways or even despite the pitfalls.
    Suffering will always be (imo) but step by step we can make some things better.

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  2. Fewer and fewer people in our society seem to invest their genuine interest in the other person’s experience. I think when we have experiences that are unique and difficult to convey in words this makes the struggle to be understood and connect with others an even greater one. The sense of separateness can fuel our doubts and fears even more. All the more reason to value those who make a real effort to listen, care or be with us when we need them.


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