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Philosophical Friday

This week I am posing a question:

“What is the purpose of life? How do you ascribe meaning to it?”

Please reply seriously or in good fun.

(Click here for past Philosophical Friday’s.)

6 thoughts on “Philosophical Friday Leave a comment

  1. I think that’s something we all create on an individual level, but on a broader scale, I don’t see any sort of overarching purpose for all of us, aside from perhaps propagation of the species from an evolutionary perspective.

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  2. Life is to complicated so might as well go with the day to day flow, always in the back of the mind have a plan B, but do go day to day. My great thought.
    Very interesting your blog. Appreciate you passing by my crazy blog.


  3. What is the purpose of life? Gosh, I don’t know, I’ve been thinking about that for as long as I could remember until now I’m starting to think there will never be an answer. I would like to think that my life has meaning and what I’m doing is helping others, but I’m not sure, I think life is rather meaningless. Not a very hopeful answer but doing the best I can to live everyday!


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