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What’s It Gonna Take?

As I sit here in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, I am reminded that I have a good 20-40 years left of my life—if that (and, if I’m lucky)!

And, this is entirely contingent upon my lifestyle/life choices.

I am obese and I have been for 20 years.

And, it all started with my psych diagnosis.

God bless psychiatry, though, which brings me to my question regarding my health and life, “What’s it gonna take?”

What I can tell you, is that it’s going to take my continuing to at least “try.”

I can distract myself all I want with other things—in order to not think about the deeper questions in life—but, the fact remains—I am dying!

All of us are—from the moment we set foot here.

Now, at this point, obesity is my main physical problem, so…

What matters, is my quality of life while I’m alive, which let’s be honest—for myself and a lot of others—our quality of life sucks!

So, the question really is—again—“What’s it gonna take?”

The answer—for me—to at least “try!”

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