I Am Afraid Of The Government!

I just want to get this down.

And, for the record, I have no alcohol or street drugs in my system (nor do I ever).

That said, I am sure with this post title, I come across as being “paranoid.”

Certainly stranger things have happened than a citizen being watched!

But, what about all the spying that goes on on the Internet?

It raises an interesting question, “who exactly has our information?”

While a part of me knows that I am of no interest to the government, there’s a part of me too, that believes the government is watching me.

Mind you, I have been taking my meds.

So, I believe this is a stress thing!

I think I’ll close this post by saying that there is an essay coming up on Sunday, where I may have accidentally missed some of my meds.

But, here and now, I am fully medicated!

Thus, you’ll have this post for contrast.

Have a great day/night!

4 thoughts on “I Am Afraid Of The Government!

  1. I tend to think that governments, Facebook, and Google, among others, know a whole heck of a lot about all of us. But with so many people in the world, it seems unlikely that they’re paying much individual attention to the average person unless there’s a compelling reason to.


  2. I think everybody worries about that from time to time. I know I do. Because I don’t know for sure what they know or what information is being gathered. I know I’m not in a group ‘to be watched’ but still… We’re not used to have our private information being taken or we’re not used to have less control about what it is done to it. I don’t really worry about the government in specific but maybe hackers or other people. But I know I have nothing to hide, so that is that.


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