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I Am Frightened, But Maybe That’s Good!

I am scared of several things right now!

My health, getting COVID-19, my wife’s health, and my wife getting COVID-19.

I am also fearful of not being able to make changes to my daily routine (in order to address the things I need to for my overall health’s sake).

I know that I can only look after “my” health.

And, I am the king of planning (I can plan for days)!

But, when it comes to executing my plans, I am not really the king at all. :/

On the bright side, I have logged into MyFitnessPal every day for 45 days!

But, I’ve only lost two lbs., which they say, is better than gaining, so…

I will continue to cross my fingers, and try to adopt an “ideal” daily routine.

Are you good at planning, but have difficulty executing your plans? How did you overcome the situation?

7 thoughts on “I Am Frightened, But Maybe That’s Good! Leave a comment

  1. I’ve gained weight! Still within a healthy range so I’m not too worried. Not sure if it’s fat or muscle, however,, and no idea how to tell. I’m really bad at planning. I struggle to break a big thing down into chunks and then plan out how to go about achieving those chunks and steps. In addition to my lack of ability to plan, I struggle a lot with staying motivated and sticking with those plans. Especially if they are long term plans requiring concerted effort.


  2. I believe losing two pounds is a great accomplishment especially now. I have not been tracking my weight since the covid-19 situation started. I have been able to walk the dog several times a week which is new and good for me. I was scared into walking by a low white blood cell count and the need to boost my immune system. But I also make a bowl of popcorn for the family to enjoy during family night movies. I guess the walk and the popcorn cancel each other out….? Also, I have noted in the grocery stores that snack foods disappear from the shelves almost as fast as toilet paper. So realize that two pounds lost is really great in this time of comfort eating and stress eating!


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