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Someone Who I Can Look Up To

“The only meaning I can ascribe to my life is one that challenges me and makes me happy.” —Mio Angelo

Perhaps the most motivational person for me in life, is in fact, my grandfather.

Watching the 90-year father of my late father, in his last days, knowing that he worked hard his entire life, imparts to me a great desire to do better.

I was always close to my grandmother (who passed away at the age of 88), but haven’t been as close to my grandfather.

Still, my grandfather loves me today, just as much as my grandmother did, I have no doubt.

But, I have failed this man in one respect.

I don’t call him (he lives three hours away), partly because of issues with my illness, but mostly due to the staff at the nursing home he lives in.

In short, they don’t like to take calls, and I don’t like to wrestle with a bunch of people with shitty attitudes regarding the elderly and their loved ones.

So, my grandfather has had heart issues (I believe he had a valve replaced about 10 years ago), but is in great health overall.

And, the fact that he is still alive today, makes me smile, and gives me hope that I, too, may live a long (and healthy) life.

Who in your life do you admire, that represents the kind of person you want to be?

Whoever this person is, you wouldn’t model your entire life after them in every possible respect (or maybe you would), but I know that everyone looks up to someone in some regard.

Please tell me about who this person is for you in the comments.

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  1. My maternal grandmother has played an important role in my life. She never took anything too seriously, and could always find something to laugh at. She doesn’t live close by, and unfortunately I can’t talk to her on the phone anymore because her hearing is so poor.


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