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Happy And Successful, The Most Popular Ad Campaign Of All Time, And Mental Illness

Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It!” is one of the most popular slogans of all time, and has been a part of the Nike campaign since 1988.

“Just Do It!” makes a lot of sense to me, but with regards to my mental illness, I invariably find myself going with, “’F’ it all!” or “No, I need to fight!”

As I engage in various forms of personal development (and self-care), I can tell you that getting one’s act together is very difficult (for anyone, except maybe Nike execs)—and, it truly is a day by day (sometimes hour by hour) endeavor!

So, how do you do it… how do you “Just Do It!” amid severe mental illness?

For me, I grapple with the helpfulness of “’F’ it all!” and “No, I need to fight!”…

And, I am still working out the kinks on all of this!

But, I know just how my schedule should look, and I am slowly implementing “components” of it (which I have tried all of this dozens upon dozens of times)…

I will make out the greatest schedule of “all-time,” only to realize it sounds better (and is easier to get going) on paper.

Then, I change things… a lot… and, in the past, have attempted to accomplish everything all at once!

Gratefully, I have more awareness today (I hope), which helps tremendously… so, patience is the next thing that is required!

Does “Just Do It!” even make sense with what I am trying to do (which is ultimately, to be happy and successful)? And, how does this conflict with the idea of self-care?

Please comment with your experiences below.

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