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What Direction Would You Like To See This Blog Go?

At this point, I am thinking that I will continue to share with you, some of what I experience every day.

For instance, I am confused and am struggling a lot right now!

I am wanting to move forward with a schedule (that I have created), but that I am also having difficulty implementing.

So, while I have given you an idea of much of what I go through already, I am unsure as to what to tell you regarding all of what I experience (because I am not always able to describe it in detail).

Just know, that I am trying to help myself (and, help others at the same time), by writing about this topic, and by having some discussion about it!

I hope that you enjoy what I’ve been sharing, and I hope that if you have any suggestions for me, that you will share them in the comments.

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “What Direction Would You Like To See This Blog Go? Leave a comment

  1. I understand you might not be able to describe in detail, but I do think it would be enlightening to read how hallucinations and delusions and conversations come about for you and your responses to all of it. Thank you for being open and honest!!

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  2. 💕💕💕
    There is no right or wrong way. People say schedules are better. I’m not the type for that.
    If you want to share, just do your best. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect. The more you practice the better you will get.
    Love, light and glitter

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  3. I go with Eliza, above Mio. Just post what you feel like posting at any given moment. It’s good that you already have a schedule so you have some ideas already, yes? There’s lots you could write about i.e. medication: what have you tried, what works best, what didn’t or doesn’t work. Have you had talking therapy? Which ones? Was it useful or not, In-patient and out-patient experiences, community team and so on?

    Looking forward to reading more Mio. Caz x


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