Helpful Forms Of Entertainment (Week One)

I don’t play video games. And, it took a lot of time and a lot of persistence for me to be able to watch movies and TV Shows.

And, I still can’t just sit in front of the television for a movie or a show on command.

Invariably, I will do something on my laptop while the media plays in the background.

And, while I can pay better attention today, things didn’t begin to change for me until I met my wife nearly two years ago.

She has slowly gotten me to watch some things, but again, I spend a decent amount of time on my laptop.

How do you enjoy a movie or TV Show? Do you get distracted by them?


  1. I do watch some tv more than films, things like Big Bang Theory, or british detective shows like Farther Brown or Agatha Christie. I do read a lot though, and use a Kobo spreader, and by looking at the stats, on how long I read for it gives me my first warning when my depression is about to hit or how bad it is on how long I read for.



  2. I don’t watch TV and haven’t been to a cinema in several years. I rarely watch movies / TV will enjoy watching them downloaded onto my laptop together with my partner on Skype. It’s just different watching alone for me. Whereas with my partner over Skype, I can talk to him and make comments.



  3. I probably watch too much TV/movies in the evenings. But I do spend much of that time doing other things. Unless I’m with my partner I find it difficult to devote my 100% attention. I’m working on not needing the TV on in the background as it distracts me from the more important tasks I can and should do. That said I love it when I find a new interesting series to keep up with.



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