How To Create Your Own Entertainment (Week Five)

Do you have any hobbies? If not, can you get a hobby?

If you have some hobbies, are you able to work on any of them?

The only thing I am able to do with any consistency is blog.

I can’t even engage in good personal hygiene.

But, blogging I can do.

To the outsider looking in, they don’t understand it.

Hell, I am not sure I always understand it.

Yet, this is my reality. And, hobbies seem to help with it.

Is blogging a good hobby for you? Do you have any other hobbies that you enjoy?


  1. Yes I have hobbies and I’m so grateful I do. I feel bad for people who talk about being bored and don’t bother to get a hobby. I don’t know either that I would call blogging a hobby but I think it’s more of a hobby than my actual writing. That I call my craft, my work, my art. Reading is a favorite hobby of mine. Bead weaving is a newer hobby that I never make time for. However every time I see my storage container of beads and the various supplies/tools I LONG to do some beadwork, LATER. Lol. I also like gaming and that’s probably NOT as healthy for me because I think some games are counterproductive as they stand in for being real world productive. Building a city/base/what-have-you can soothe anxiety and make you feel in control and productive, like you’re really getting something done and you’re good at it. However while it’s a great escape it might also wind up being too easy of an uncontrolled escape; meaning I turn to it way too often thereby neglecting the things in my life that will really make a difference. But I still love it. (Although bead work would probably make me happier than knowing just how much time I spent playing that damn game.)




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