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I Don’t Like To Look Back (Even Though I Do)

But, it “seems” that I was functioning better without any meds.

It’s difficult to wrap one’s brain around it, but I actually wasn’t doing all that well in those days—the days prior to my taking meds!

I was so close back then to having a break, that it was just a “perfect storm” of events, that kept that from happening.

I had a lot of “legal” fun for the two years before my second series of “breaks.”

Prior to the third year of attending classes, I had spent most of that summer in the psych hospital.

And, I was quite a mess before I graduated with my psych degree (of all degrees).

But, they say that a lot of people going into psych are trying to fix themselves, and that could have very well been the draw for me.

As I am someone who is into Personal Development, that theory makes the most sense, regardless of how “lost” I was.

In any event, those days are over!

And, even though I don’t like to look back, I invariably do!

You can read more about these and other stories in the book about my life, “Good Days and Bad Days: I Don’t Have To Like It, I Just Have To Live With It.”

ALL of my books are complimentary and are available upon request!

Please email your requests to chilloutmusicproducer (at) gmail (dot) com.

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