This Is Not An Anti-Recovery Post!

Isn’t recovery merely a series of “self-care” practices?

The more I study recovery, it sure seems that way!

I am interested in the idea of full-recovery, which many psychiatrists seem to think exists.

But, does full-recovery exist amid future, potential hospitalizations?

I personally believe that psychiatrists have it wrong, because I find a full-recovery, as they view it, impossible!

What is possible (for some), is as everyone has been saying, a recovery that the person with mental illness designs themselves!

We hold the key, and that’s what’s real…

If recovery is to happen, one must understand that much of recovery is understanding how to “self-care.”

Am I right, community members?

Thanks for your participation!


  1. I’m still figuring it all out, what is recovery and is it even possible and how?
    My psychiatrist is hopeful and says that ‘feeling good’ is in reach for me, but it takes a long road to get there.
    I have no idea what it can mean to be ‘fully’ recovered as I think mental illness changes you in your core and you never can wipe that away or forget about it. The vulnerability will stay and so the need to recognize ‘clues’ of an upcoming period of illness. Managing those clues and symptoms the best we can seems to be recovery too.



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