Having Grace In The Worst Of Situations

NOTE: As with my no longer posting on politics, I am no longer planning to post on (new or old) family matters.

This is my final post in that arena, as I have learned that all of the above can be triggering for me.

Due to poverty, a lack of education, ignorance, and the way that all of our parents were raised, my cousins and I were/are severely messed up!

My dad and his siblings were so brainwashed by their parents, that my dad, missing church was more important than tending to my health (which I nearly died of a 107 degree fever at two years old).

Now today, I have schizoaffective disorder as a result of my dad’s negligence.

And, there were also numerous problems with how my cousins were raised as well!

Do I forgive all of these adults? Do my cousins forgive them?

I can’t speak for my cousins, but all of us are forever affected by all of these “decisions!”

But, yes, I forgive—for me (and no one else).

I just wouldn’t expect me to have “trust” for any of these people again.

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