I Can’t Hardly Take It

The chaos I am experiencing is immense.

I just want to lie down and have it all go away.

I am writing this here, as a way of expressing the strong dissatisfaction I have with the way we are politically and socially in the U.S., and because of how it all affects my mental illness.

I want life to be better… a whole lot smoother… so, if and when this happens, we can all be grateful!

Right now, the only things I have gratitude for, are the basics.

Maybe that’s all I can be happy about, but it’s not near enough!!!

13 thoughts on “I Can’t Hardly Take It

  1. Oh, Milo, I know things are pretty bleak around the world right now and I’m guessing that even the ‘normal’ people are struggling. I can’t begin to imagine how you’re feeling but here if you need to chat. You’re in my thoughts and I’m hoping things will get better soon. Your pal, Caz x

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  2. It’s encouraging that you’re still looking for even just one thing to be happy about – when I want to give up, I don’t even want that word to be brought up in my presence. Sending positive thoughts and strength your way!

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  3. Ah my mistake, I was referring to the word ‘happy’. It’s just because it’s a difficult one for me personally though, I don’t have a great relationship with the word happy.


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