Just Hold On: Thoughts About Support Systems

I am only beginning to come into my own again, where my support system is concerned.

The old system, meant that I had to endure a multitude of opinions about what matters or mattered (to my support people, rather than me), as the case was.

But, I can’t even begin to think of the old, old support system.

That was pretty much non-existent!

So, I think…

How would any of us get along without a support system intact?

I know, I didn’t. Not at all…

I just plain had breakdowns. And, they were awful!

So, always, always have yourself a support system… and, if it falls apart (like mine has these past several months), do your best to hold on!

The pieces may be coming together in a way that will only “help” you that much more!

Here is a link to the ways in which a support system helps.

With Love,


11 thoughts on “Just Hold On: Thoughts About Support Systems

  1. I can’t imagine how bad the old-old systems were Mio. We (well, some of us nurses) used to support our patients in setting up fail-safe support systems, in a way that they felt comfortable and safe. We’d continue to update these every four weeks to make sure they work working.

    I use all these resources for myself now lol.

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  2. We all need safe and robust support networks ❤ My old-old support system wasn't supportive at all… and I am so glad the community here is good and I have a small in-person support system now. ❤


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