The Things We Don’t (Or May Not) Share

Today, I talked about death to my wife.

I want to die.

But, do I really?

To me and for me, when I talk about death, it is an escape.

Not actually dying, but discussing the topic.

I wonder if just anyone can do this.

I wonder whether just anyone can openly share their feelings, when it may be considered suicidal ideation.

But, I can.

It’s something I’ve grown into.

And, it helps me.

Does talking about death or dying help you? In what way(s) can you comment?


  1. I do talk about it with my parents and my sons and my partner lol. It’s much better for me to tell them that I have the ideation, I don’t particularly want to die or kill myself, it’s just a part of my life that I get the thoughts regularly 😦



  2. Yes I do, mostly in my head and I talk to my therapist. I’ve been living so long with that topic that it feels ‘normal’ to me. I’m not scared when I think about that, I know that it is something that I do and it doesn’t mean I’m willing to die at the spot. I feel more at peace expressing those thoughts that to fight them.



  3. It used to be scary for me because of my suicidal thoughts before but now talking about death is okay because I know when my time comes I’ll be going to be with my Father. ❤🙏🏽✝️

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  4. Talking with my partner on death helps me. He worries when I am passively suicidal but I am able to reassure him about my safety plans. It helps to talk about what I’d like to happen if I become vegetative or other similar scenarios. It also helps to discuss our wishes for each other if either of us die before the other does.



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