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Focus And Changing Direction (Sooner Rather Than Later)

Talk about making mistakes!

And, just because you spent a long time making one!

This post is about how I am learning to change direction a little sooner than I have in the past (by having better focus).

Lately, I have been thinking about my time in school. From K-12 to 4 years of college.

And, what keeps coming up is how I missed key lessons due to having social and mental health issues.

So, I have learned that my focus (or lack thereof) is what has dictated my success (or failure) within a given period of my education.

I am upset because we shouldn’t live in a world of bullying, mental illness, and home problems.

But, we do.

Dammit we do!

And, it sucks.

What kind of adverse situations did you grow up in?

5 thoughts on “Focus And Changing Direction (Sooner Rather Than Later) Leave a comment

  1. Wow, I’m not sure where to start Mio. Dad hitting mum, them splitting up then getting back together again and splitting finally. Moving around a lot, lots of different schools, being bullied. I won’t bore you lol.


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