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Just Keep Going…

According to Ashley of Mental Health @ Home, it is important to “just keep going.”

And, that, to me, is helpful! 🙂

I remember many years ago, being told that I had a lot of potential.

This was before I became full-blown ill, so things have changed quite a bit.

However, I still believe that one of the most important messages today, is that I must know my capabilities (which, for themselves, some people may or may not understand that, and that’s okay).

Because just knowing what I am capable of (i.e. my ability to continue improving), doesn’t guarantee me information on how far that I can go!

Thus, why the notion of “just keep going” is so important…

And, I know that there will be good days and bad days, but I am beginning to feel like I’ve plateaued with having this illness. :/

How do you view your illness and its progress? Where do you see yourself headed?

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  1. I believe I make progress. I’m sure about it actually as I read my first post on WP almost a year ago.
    Where I will end up, I have no idea. I know things have changed and I know I’m not the same as before the illness but I’m also afraid that it will never be ‘as good/normal’ as it was.
    I don’t know, I will keep on going and hope for the best. And be content with how it turns out. That is one of my bigger goals. To be content with what is.

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