What Makes You Uniquely You?

I was just thinking about this, as I was perusing the featured posts on my web site.

What makes me uniquely me?

I guess it has a lot to do with my experiences, but also (as it pertains to my blog), it has something to do with how I present information and make it formidable.

One might also consider my one sentence paragraphs, when thinking about what make me personally unique! Lol

Yes, I write my paragraphs, short and sweet, and pretty much to the pointโ€ฆ

As often as I can that is!

What then makes YOU uniquely you?

10 thoughts on “What Makes You Uniquely You?

  1. What makes me ‘me’? Normally, when I wasn’t ill, it is the fact that I’m mostly in a good mood and I’m friendly.
    Now with all the struggles in my head, I’m still friendly but my mood can swing a bit.

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