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What Do People Without Psychosis Think About?

Maybe I am asking the wrong group of people, as many of my readers are struggling with mental health conditions themselves.

But, I do wonder. I have wondered. And, I will continue to wonder.

I will never know what being “normal” is truly like, which is fine.

But, there is just so much shit going on in the world today, and I am trying to look at my future days as my best days!

I am also wanting to not look back, but I do—a lot.

I will get through this. Somehow, someway.

And, I am hoping to help others along the way!

A fun question: I know that a huge part of me doesn’t even want to be normal, but for the part of me that does, what do you think constitutes being normal?

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  1. I was pretty “normal” before I got sick. I would say “normal” is less about what people think and more about how they think. What people think about varies widely depending on the individual and their environment, but for “normal” people, the mind doesn’t get in its own way the same as it does in people with mental illness.

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  2. To be completely honest, I have no idea. I would think that ‘normal’ would be more balanced, more even. Not with so much ups and downs or changes, more relaxed. I think ‘normal’ people aren’t aware as much of their thinking as I am.
    It’s like when you wear good fitting underwear, you don’t realize that you’re wearing them but when it’s too small or ill-fitted, you’ll know!
    I don’t want to disrespect the mind here but …. it just came into my *weird* mind.

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  3. I’m not quite sure what is normal Mio and I think everyone has their own kind of ‘normal’. Many, many people have undiagnosed mental illness, be it anxiety or depression and many people wonder if they’re normal. Your normal is different to mine and so on. No two people have the same ‘normal’, it can’t be possible, can it?

    Even all the twins in my family (4 sets so far), although they are identical, they’re very different to each other. In some, one has a depression and suicidal ideation but his brother is ‘normal’ lol. They never have the same exact mood at the same time, apart from when they laughing at the same thing.

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