What Five Things Do You Like About Yourself?

Awhile back, the above question was asked by Eliza’s Journey to Life (on one of her “Gratitude Challenge” posts).

My answers were (and, still are):

My openness
My boundaries
My ability to say no/yes
My persistence
My ability to be grateful

What five things do you like about yourself?

By Mentally Ill In America

He/Him. I write #poetry and #blog about #mentalhealth. We are only here for a sliver of time #lifelonglearner #helper #schizoaffective. Opinions are my own.


  1. I love your list Mio, well done. I like:

    my ability to empathise
    that I can actively listen
    my smile because people tell me I’m always smiling (if only they knew!)
    despite my physical and mental disabilities, I still love adventure
    that I’ve learned how to say no

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