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Taking Life One Hour At A Time

For a number of years, I spent a great deal of time looking ahead.

I mean, if I wasn’t reminiscing on my past, I was looking ahead into my future…

So, it has taken me a long time (such a long time in some respects), to begin to root myself in the present—where I “truly” belong!

I have been saying “one day at a time” for years, but I was not really following that sentiment.

Now, I am beginning to take life not only “one day at a time,” but also, “one hour at a time.”

Thus, all of my “preparation” statements have not been in vain!

I can do this! I may not arrive there overnight, but I can get there…

I am not so sure there is a spot for “there,” but I know that there is a feeling for “being” in the present moment.

And, for me, that’s taking life “one hour at a time.”

How about you? How do you take/handle life’s daily challenges?

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  1. I’m so happy to read of your positivity and for taking life one hour at a time. I love being in the present and try to stay there as long as I can, little times throughout the day. I love visualisation too, which helps keep me present too.


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