Using My Words To Help People

“Don’t ever underestimate the impact that you may have on someone else’s life.” — Anonymous

I couldn’t do what I am doing, with the writing, the blog, and the social media… if I wasn’t at least “somewhat” functional.

Also, how could I work a job, and not expect to find myself in the hospital every six months?

I am not well!

I have a number of persistent symptoms, and my blogging is sustainable (at least for now).

I can forget about even volunteering, which I can’t do anyhow (and, hopefully help somebody with my words).

Using big and helpful words are everything! For me. And, while I love to help people with my words, I know that not everyone has a rich vocabulary!

So, how do you personally use your words to make people feel good (in real life and on the blog)?

13 thoughts on “Using My Words To Help People

  1. Your words matter, for sure!

    Ever since I had to leave work due to burnout and surviving my family, I have felt “inferior” to those who can work, even though I didn’t think of myself as “superior” to others when I was working.

    Learning that I am not worth less because of my unemployability / employability status due to folks like you who show me there is more to life than just working myself to an early grave.

    In-person, I’m trying my best to be a better listener, and to offer validating words. Same on WordPress as I read blogs. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 I am learning that all of what us mental health bloggers do, is encourage. However it comes out. It is helpful! And, while I am not able to work (I can’t even volunteer in-person), I am able to encourage others through my blog, hoping that that helps, more than it hurts.

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  2. Speaking kindly to others is something that I value. When commenting I try to be encouraging, polite and just nice. I won’t leave a nasty comment because I don’t believe that that would do any good.
    “When you have nothing kind to say, don’t say anything at all”. This doesn’t need to imply that I can’t speak my mind or defend myself when needed.
    Words are powerful and have healing properties (imo).


  3. You are doing a great work!
    I feel that we can just learn to forgive. We can just try to be good to people. And make sure we don’t hurt someone, the same way we were being hurt.
    I believe in living a peaceful life. Peace is important over all! What do you think?


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