When You’re High Functioning, Your Problems Might Get Overlooked

I have schizoaffective disorder, and I am to a degree, high-functioning (whatever that means).

And, I can’t tell you how alone I feel with how I get along in the world today.

For years, family and friends have been all degrees of abusive towards me.

Granted, some of these individuals didn’t know they were being abusive, but I feel as though most of them did!

If you’re somehow jealous of someone with severe mental illness, you have you very own unique brand of stupid going on. And, I for one hope you get schooled.

But, the truth is, that you likely will not.

I have come to learn that there is not a whole lot of justice in the world today.

Some people believe in karma. I do not!

I will not waste a bit of my time, thinking that so and so will get theirs someday.

What’s the use?

If you were unaware of how bad you were being treated (as I was), when you woke up, how did you handle it?

9 thoughts on “When You’re High Functioning, Your Problems Might Get Overlooked

  1. I think the first time I realized I wasn’t being treated well, I hung on to the hope that they would ‘come around’ when actually, I was hoping karma would get them. Focusing more on myself and less on them at least helped me feel a little better (not much, but it’s something!)

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