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What Does “One Day At A Time” Mean In The Scheme Of Things?

I like to feel like I am making progress, so I think about the idea of “one day at a time.”

It’s not always the case that I am making progress, and a lot of times, whatever work I am doing, ends up in the toilet.

So, I say it. A lot of us probably say it—“one day a time.”

Saying this seems to be helpful on the one hand, but on the other, it doesn’t seem to do any good whatsoever!

Anyway, this is my 250th post. 🙂

What about an alternate saying for “one day at a time?” Any ideas?

7 thoughts on “What Does “One Day At A Time” Mean In The Scheme Of Things? Leave a comment

  1. Woohoo, 250!

    By this point progress isn’t even on my radar; I’m thinking more along the lines of slowing decline. And in terms of one day at a time, my take on it is that today, I can’t deal with or do anything about anything other than today.

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  2. One step at a time, all in good time, everything in its own time, and my sons’ favourite at the moment is “it is what it is” – all cliched I know. But that’s all we’ve got my friend, and all we can cope with is now! We can’t predict the future and it really is a case of living day by day.

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  3. Congrats on 250! That’s progress all in itself. 😀

    You’re so right that “one day at a time” is a tricky tricky concept. I think Ashleyleia makes a good point that I can’t do anything about any other day than today. Although a lot of times I’m thinking about how today can set up for tomorrow. If today isn’t the day, then perhaps tomorrow is. The trick there is not using that to procrastinate and let me tell you, THAT is a trick. 😉

    But this is a good topic to reflect on. Thank you. Have a great week!

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