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An Update On The State Of My Blog/Life/Illness


I very much enjoy the blogosphere. Very.

And, I’ve been slowly returning to regular liking and commenting.

It does take a lot to find the focus to get a post (or three) written.

I certainly can’t do it every day, but that’s the beauty of being able to schedule one’s posts!

I will continue to blog, and read and comment on other people’s blogs.

Blogging, for me, has become a bit of a necessity to combat some of the symptoms of my mental illness.

So, expect to see me out here, blogging, reading, and commenting!

Life & Illness

I am middle aged. I enjoy music, computers, and a few other things, that keep me busy when I’m not too symptomatic (which I am a lot of the time).

I have schizoaffective disorder.

I am unable to work or volunteer (more on this is written here).

I experience a great deal of difficulty getting things done, so I am on a new TO DO list (rather than an all-out schedule).

It is helping so far, but how long will I be able to stick to it “this time?”

As mentioned in previous posts, I have made hundreds of schedules.

And, I have problems getting many activities done. Most of the time.

So my list… It’s a helpful and evolving one for me. Right now, it has 20 items on it. 20!

In terms of chores, there is only doing the dishes and personal hygiene things. The remaining items are all food and beverage based, plus some other things that escape me in this moment.

Yes, the items are difficult for me, but I am determined to stay at things for as long as I can, again, “this time.”

Anyhow, the items are recurring every day, and most days I get half of them done. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But, I really want to at least get 70% of them accomplished.

Wish me well, as I too, wish you well!

Do you have a schedule or a TO DO list that you are able to knock out (or make effort on) in your day to day?

9 thoughts on “An Update On The State Of My Blog/Life/Illness Leave a comment

  1. I try to have a todo list that isn’t too long – maybe 10 items at most. The other items I keep on my calendar both a hand-written calendar and an Outlook digital calendar. I like to cross things off of the todo lists as I complete things. When I have gotten through about half the items on my todo list, I create an updated one. It makes me feel like I am making more progress to start a new list after several items cycle off. I also like to keep a list of meals together of items that are in the fridge at that time. I ask my husband and my daughter what they would like from the list and cross off those meals as they are served to the family. It helps to have a meal plan ready to go so I know when I will have to go food shopping which is sometimes stressful particularly in this time of covid-19. Don’t know if my habits are helpful to you or not…Hope so..:)


  2. Lists are always hard for me to make because I don’t feel an attachment to completing them. Every so often I’ll feel the need to try again, and this time it’s because of this post. You’ve inspired me to give it another shot!

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