My Schedule / To Do List

Monday, I wrote a bit about my schedule/to do list.

It helps me to have some amount of organization in my life. And, I can feel that with having lists.

I rarely get everything done, and am working to feel better about that, but it’s very difficult! I want to feel good about what I accomplish vs. what I don’t, regardless of why!

I actually write a lot of things down and have numerous writings, all over the place.

Sometimes it helps, other times it doesn’t; and, it usually depends on me and my ability to focus.

Care to share what your schedules and to do lists look like? Or maybe more importantly, how you treat unfinished items on them (i.e. are you truly at peace with not having certain things done, or even everything done)?


  1. I have some things that are part of my routine so they don’t need to go on my list. As soon as I get up, I stick my bullet journal on my bed and my little bag of meds in the middle of the bedroom floor so I don’t forget about them. Then I have my breakfast and tea. That’s all done on autopilot.

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  2. I used to put everything down onto a list; which didn’t make me happy. Now I have my meal planned out per week, a reminder every morning on my phone to brush my teeth 🙂 and a planner to keep track of my appointments. Every morning I make a plan in my head what I need/like to do that day according to how I feel.

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      1. I learned (or still am learning) to prioritize items on my list. I am allowing myself to do some ‘fun’ things or things that are really good for me. I forgot all about self-care when ill and preoccupied with chores (that were on my list).
        I’m interested to read how you tackle ‘loss of energy’, that is if you are willing to share of course.

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      2. I have been walking two to four days a week to counteract some of the loss of energy. I am trying to get my diet under control. It seems that walking is easier to embrace than diet change, but both are essential! I will do my best to focus more on my health.

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