A Word That Gets Thrown Around A Lot, And Means A Lot, To A Lot Of People

Yes, I am talking about the ‘R’ word or “recovery.”

What exactly does it mean?

Well, time has taught me, that…

1) Recovery means different things to different people.

2) Recovery is a loaded term!

3) Recovery should not be the “catch all” that it sometimes is.

Unfortunately, the above is true for a lot of people with mental illness(es). So true in fact, that, my definition of recovery had to stand out (at least in the sense that I understood what recovery meant and what it didn’t mean). For me.

Recovery according to Mio…

To strive for a better version of myself today!

As I do some personal development, I am reminded that yesterday is gone. And, for all intents and purposes, it is gone for good!

Thus, I am trying to reminisce far less than what I have in the past, focusing more and more on the day in front of me aka the present moment, or the “here and now,” for those who enjoy eastern philosophy/religion. 🙂

While writing this post, I was reminded that I don’t want to be a hypocrite! IN ANY WAY!

So, while I don’t fully believe in a destination for recovery, I do think we can (and should) try to develop habits that help us! And, this is no matter how long that takes…

I am not sure how far I will personally be able to get (again, no destination), but chances are good, that if I stay on this path, I will realize that I am doing far better on it than I am off of it (trying to stick to good habits is the key).

Do you have any effective strategies for grounding yourself and/or developing lasting habits?


  1. I have set a different bar for my definition of “recovery.” Recovery for me means not having to be hospitalized and includes managing symptoms well to pretty well with my care team including my doctor, my therapist and several family members. This definition of “recovery” in no terms means I am “cured.” I continue to struggle with anxiety from day to day in a very real way. But I at least am cognizant of my anxiety and working through it. I am as transparent as I can be with my doctor and my therapist as well as my family. “Recovery” in my book does not mean “well.” It means making progress toward getting “well” one day at a time, with sometimes a backslide of a step or two from time to time.

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  2. In terms of grounding myself, it has come up time and time again in writing this blog (beginning in March 2020 around the time of covid-19) the idea that relationships are key. Making meaningful contact with people in the real world or in the virtual world makes all the difference for me in feeling grounded. In terms of developing some lasting habits like getting an exercise regime together, I am not so successful but am still working at it….! Perhaps one day the fog there will lift.

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