Suicide Awareness And Education

For the past few weeks, I have been living with suicidal thoughts. And, while I don’t intend on acting on this intrusive thinking, it is quite difficult to live this way.

Every day, there has been a significant amount of distress in my camp.

On top of battling schizoaffective disorder, which includes, for me, thwarting off suicidal thinking, I maintain this blog.

And, I want to use my voice to tell you that what I go through is not normal, it’s not the blues, and it’s anything but fun!

The suicidal thoughts come and go, but my illness as a whole is always there. Somewhere in the mix.

About Suicide Awareness…

If you know someone is having thoughts of suicide, try and engage them.

For all intents and purposes, it is the rare person who has suicidal thoughts, but has 0 intention on following through with them.

I am one, who, while I struggle, I do not plan to do anything to harm myself. People with the kinds of thoughts I have, definitely need to be in some kind of treatment though!

Of which, I am.

I hope everyone is safe and please be well!


  1. It’s brave of you to not just admit your mental illness but that suicide ideology is a huge part of what we have to deal with (not all but some) on a day to day basis. At least for me it is, Im bipolar, with a fun mix of dissociation disorder and PTSD (at the hands of “treatments” by these doctors who think because they read a book or two in the required college ciriculum that they know what the hell it is to mourn every morning.
    It’s brave of you to admit the intrusive suicide thoughts that plague you and for some reason I’m not embarrassed by my bi polarbut I cannot come to tell my doctor about my self harming and the suicide fantasies I have…Good For You

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