Misguided Optimism?

While I am becoming more of a realist, my hope, when I go through something difficult (not necessarily illness-based), is that I’ve reached the end of my suffering.

This is why I have such a hard time with hope!

If we all knew that there are even more difficult situations ahead of us (and, really knew it), we might be a little more pessimistic.

I know that any potential optimism I have, is not necessarily some kind of hope that I experience, but it is a lot like my belief in a higher power.

They’re both a test in patience for me!

If I were to permanently lose this optimism in hope and optimism in a higher power, there would probably be a period of intense challenge going on.

And, I don’t know where the chips would end up to be honest.

Do you have situations in your life where a change would make the results largely “unknowable?” Or, is that just life “in general?”


  1. Hoping for something that’s not going to happen seems like it would be likely to lead to perpetual disappointment. Suffering is part of the the human condition, and even more so for anyone with a chronic illness. I think hope and realism are compatible; it just depends what you’re hoping for.

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