Thoughts Of Death And Suicide

They are ever present right now. These thoughts.

They are here no matter what. It seems.

And, no matter what I try, they remain.

I get busy and they are there as the busyness subsides.

I stay involved, and they persist, when there’s a lull.

I don’t know when or how they’ll disappear, but they always have in the past.

This is the period where I wait them out.

It’ll get better, it will just take time.

Things are rough though, in the interim.


  1. Big hugs Mio. I was in a similar place a few weeks ago and I’m so relieved to say, it’s passed. I did have my lovely weekend at my cousins, with more cousins and friends – I had such a good time and it’s just what I needed. The thoughts will probably always remain, but at least I don’t have a plan now. And I hope you don’t either. x

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