We Are The Marginalized

Are we? Or is that term outdated? Does it need updating?

I am hesitant to post a title like this, because I don’t believe I am a victim!

But, in my mind, many of us here in the blogosphere, are the 50% of people who actually give a damn!

That’s never to say we are victims, but our situations are oftentimes more fragile than other people’s.

Because of this, we must advocate for ourselves when we are able, and leave the rest to our friends in battle!

There are so many examples of the marginalized (people who, for one reason or another, experience difficulty in modern day society), that I just want to build us all up!

We each deserve some amount of contentment, happiness, and the like.

And, when we are able… we must fight for it!

Like, the fact that I always write about my troubles. Maybe I could switch it up some, because I have so many good days (not)!?

I write about my difficulties usually, because I want you to know of the challenges that people with severe mental illness deal with.

And, all of this is not to say that we deserve some kind of special consideration, but I tend to have a problem with individuals who lump everyone together and say, “we all have problems.”

Aside from blogging, how are you fighting for better days? Do you have a philosophy on how much of your struggle you share, and how many of your good days you talk about?

And, what about people, making statements such as, “we all have problems?” Is that even fair to those suffering from chronic health issues?

I have a lot of questions in this post. Please answer as many as you can!

Thank you…


  1. I think we do all have problems and are all deserving of basic human compassion, but some problems are inherently much larger in scale (like mental illness), and it’s not helpful for people to use their own problems to minimize the massive scale of problems =other people might be having.

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    1. I agree. I think somewhere in the mix, are people who don’t want to have to acknowledge or feel guilty about others’ issues. Probably “acknowledge” more than not. We don’t need anyone to feel sorry for us, but some basic human decency would be nice. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I’m happy to say that while my life’s not without its struggles, I do have a lot of good in it too. I’ve shared and I’ve learned from others sharing their stories too.

    And of course, we all have problems but I’d never dream of minimising someone else’s struggles. Who are we to judge the pain someone else might be feeling?

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    1. We’re not. And, for me, there doesn’t feel like a lot of good news. There is some, but this illness sucks just bad enough, that it takes center stage. It probably shouldn’t do that, but managing its effects is an important part of my day.



  3. Yes, our lives are often dictated by both physical and mental health and we always have to work around that, which is hard. I know you have a lovely supportive wife and I also know that it’s hard keeping at relationships with our loved ones. I appreciate your 24/7 struggles Mio and I wish you had some respite, sometime ❤️

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