Friendships And More “Faking” Being Well

I’ve recently realized that the few people I call friends, have been such, in part by my “faking” being well.

I can’t imagine many of these people knowing how to handle me at my worst. And, while a few of them theoretically might have stuck around, the chances are slim that they’d all be here long-term!

They each know about my illness. They can see my nuances. And, what they get from me is, what a lot of people get, and that’s “fakery” in regards to my being well!

Consider, if you will, what it would be like to be friends with someone who always has problems. Who isn’t well. Who basically has “more going on” than the average person. And, how all of this might affect you!

I just accept that people have gotten used to this version of me, which is why I’ve (in one way or another) found myself being the one who reaches out the vast majority of the time!

My friends all lean on the opposite side, politically. And, while I don’t agree with that part about them, it’s not up to me to say who gets to believe what.

I often go with the flow, and that includes not discussing politics, even when I want to. And again, me doing most of the reaching out.

Without them, though, I’d be even more isolated. So, I have made it a point to work on my friendships.

What are your experiences in the friendship realm? Do you have many friends? Are you “faking” being well around them? Do you find yourself being the one who reaches out to everyone?

13 thoughts on “Friendships And More “Faking” Being Well

  1. I definitely feel like the one who reaches out to my friends and while I don’t like that feeling, I’m also learning to tell the difference between friends who aren’t the type to reach out, and friends who don’t want to spend time with me. My therapist told me to believe people until their actions prove otherwise, and that’s helped. But I understand where you’re coming from, I feel like I’m not always being myself because I’m afraid of ‘bumming people out.’

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  2. I have different friendship spheres for different nuances of me. I also remember when I had no friends online or offline and when I had “bullying friends”. I know some people can’t tolerate me much when I’m not doing well (especially before I moved out and also now that I’m a young person with chronic health issues), but I’m fortunate that I feel friends here and on Instagram “see” me through good and bad times alike.

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      1. I blushed! I’m not much of an offline socialising person (it’s tiring when I’m so tired so much)and do wayyyyyy better with texts and social media, and I’m flattered to “know” you through your words ❤

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