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A Family Who Lacks Awareness, Teases/Bullies One Another

NOTE: Bullying exists in a lot of places, and “in families” is just one example of it.

This is my family and a few of my (former) old friends. And, I myself, believe that there is a fine line between teasing and bullying.

I figured the whole thing out, only after I took a break from the individuals who never expressed concern or interest in me. Unless I reached out first! And, even then… where the results were sporadic.

I learned, through deep reflection, that the people in my former life, relate to one another (dysfunctionally), by taking turns with the “jokes.”

No one really cared to have an intellectual conversation. Rather, it was mostly me.

I could have ended up like “them,” but I am so grateful to be figuring this stuff out now (vs. never, or much later than now).

Life is good to the extent that we are thinking, feeling human beings. And, we can oftentimes affect our lives, through taking action on the things that require our attention!

For me, I may have schizoaffective disorder, but I also have trauma that needs to be “healed” or worked out!

This trauma is indeed challenging, as more and more of it reveals itself to me.

When you’re a kid though, your brain protects you from some of these things. As an adult, if you’re diligent, your brain will make you aware of the things it previously guarded you from.

Time makes some of it better! As long as you work on healing from it.

Like I said, I could have been just like my family (and a few former friends), but I am not! And, for that, I have immense gratitude, as well as more healing to do!

What sorts of general things have you healed from? What are you working on healing from still?

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  1. My sons’ dad was always the ‘joker’ which I fell for initially but eventually, I saw it for what it was. As I got a bit older and wiser, I saw that this was his mask. He didn’t know how to communicate intellectually or otherwise and he’s stayed the same to this day. He thinks he’s some sort of ‘Peter Pan’ when really he’s just a fool who jokes around cos he feels uncomfortable with people who know how to have a conversation.

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