How Not To Be A Victim Of Mental Illness, Addiction, And/Or Trauma

I have issues in all of the above areas, but I am not a victim!

Yes, issues suck! And, they suck BIG time…

But, I am trying to defeat the demons that come along with each of mine!

There is a problem, though… defeating one’s demons and healing is not cut and dry…

We just have to do our best at recognizing the issues, triggers, and what it’s going to take to manage them…

I actually feel as though, I will be managing mental illness, addiction, and trauma for the rest of my life!

In other words, I don’t feel like I can overcome all of the above!

But, I could be wrong!

I’ve read that you know when you’ve overcome trauma (for instance), when you can tell your story and you don’t cry!

Again, I can manage these phenomena right now… but, “relapse” is a part of life and that must be acknowledged!

There’s no shame in relapsing…


And, that’s my take…

I would love to hear yours!


  1. From where I stand (sitting actually), it appears you’ve got a pretty good handle on your healing, your trauma, and where you stand with things.

    You’re right that we don’t have to be victims even though we may have been. Some days I’m just in some kind of a mood or I’m just so so afraid of everything. But it doesn’t take a lot to recognize that I have choices. I can do things to reduce, maybe not fully eradicate, my state of distress. I have tools to improve. It really helps to acknowledge too that I can do what I can to feel better and better is okay, it’s good enough. I don’t have to feel perfect.

    I saw a quote today on a photography blog I follow (Cee’s Photo Challenges, do check it out if you like photography and photography challenges,, I think it’s her quote as there’s no other name/citation.

    “The only photographer you should compare yourself to is the photographer you used to be.”

    I like that in a lot of ways. If yesterday I was better than today it’s not a reason to berate myself but a reason to say, “see, you can do this”. And if I’m better today, well than heck yeah!

    Thanks for sharing and provoking positive thoughts. Have a good weekend, stay safe and well.

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    1. I am glad this post was helpful to you! I am in competition with no one, but my former self. So, the quote you mention is quite relevant! As far as struggling… I am still trying to get down deep breathing exercises. I feel as though they could help some of the stress I feel every day, which there is a lot of! Thanks for commenting!

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      1. I hear you on both parts of deep breathing exercises: will help, is not easy to do. Sometimes I just can’t shut my brain up. At least if I’m going to think non-stop can it be happy stuff, not stressful stuff? Lol, meditative exercises/practices would be good for me too. Hopefully it gets easier for you. I anticipate reading about your results. 😀

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  2. I think sometimes one needs to cry when talking about trauma. I used to be very dissociated so I talked about trauma without crying. But I think with healing, I’ll be able to share in a thoughtful, helpful to others manner. Without being distresses or emotionally numb.

    I do believe that there’s many ways to heal and hopefully we can all thrive.

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