Mental Illness And Trauma

I am tired. I have been fighting schizoaffective disorder symptoms for 20 years. And, I feel like it never ends!

I try very hard. I make the effort. And, while I haven’t always been where I am at today, where I am at today, at times, sucks!

Thoughts of death and suicide pervade my mind and experience. I want to be better, to be well.

And, for the record, all I want to do with this blog is to show everyone what severe mental illness is like, to give them a peek at the difficulties some of us face!

Also, I am working on healing traumas that I am identifying… And, that is good! 🙂

So, while it’s probably “mission accomplished” on one hand… There is always more work to do!

What have your goal(s) been with your blog? And, how have you reached them?


    1. Well said! There are a lot of people who have mental health issues, some struggle more than others. None of the severe issues are easy to deal with. It sucks, Struggling with one’s mental health. All any of us can do is what everyone else does, and put one foot in front of the other. No matter how much it sucks.



  1. My goal is to create a space for honest healing connection and validation. We were not meant to sit silently and wrestle with our deepest struggles alone. I also wish to show that healing from trauma is not a linear path. While successes and struggles will rise and fall in our lives, we do not have to endure that ride all alone.

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  2. Thank you for this! I’ve been writing here with the intention of sharing coping skills, but I think it just turned into a way for me to forget about my mental illness for a minute and just enjoy everybody’s unique perspective. I’m glad you made it 20 years, and I hope that you also might transcend a diagnosis, take meds, and be somewhat free. Best wishes! Thanks again, really. Wishing you good days.

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